Thursday, 25 March 2010

Ideas From Other Films

We have reveiwed a few of other horror film trailers and we looked at diffrent ones from each other and having to look at these film trailers they have given us some ideas to put into our film trailer. One of our ideas was to do a hand held view, we all agreed to this and we got the idea from paranormal activity as it was classed as one of the most scariest films. We also wanted to use a narrators voice throughtout the film trailer just like SAW IV but then we realized that the music would over power the voice or that the audience would concentrate more on the voice than the music. We then settled by using red writing in between shots because it builds up until it starts to get scary. We decided to use some of the scariest parts of the film in the film trailer to get people to think it's scary and that there will be more scarier parts of the film.

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