Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Brief Description On The Film

The film trailer is about 5 boys going into an abandoned school and they find a camera which they then use throughout the film. One of the 5 turn possessed but no one knows why and how he does but he tries to hunt down the rest of them and they die one by one but will anyone survive or will they be saved?

Max -
Leader of the group and best friends with Gerald. Confident and like to explore.
Sam - The hard man of the group also likes exploring and is very full of himself. He loves both himself and a challenge.
Lewis - Smart and interlectual. He is also very cautious.
Jimmy - Stupid and falls into any trap, doesn't care about anything and he doesn't think about the consequence.
Gerald - He is possessed by a demon and starts to run shockingly satanic firstly with his personality and then his physical appearance.

2 Office swivell chairs with wheels
Clothers Per person
Hazard sign

Empty room
Empty room
Split corridor

Music rock
Loud scream

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