Friday, 23 October 2009

Target Audience

The target audience is the most important for market research as it is the audience thats buys your product. For my film trailer the target audience would be for 18-40 year olds. We have specifically chosen this age group as these ages are most likely to enjoy the adrenaline rush and the feeling of being scared caused by watching a horror film. The audience will also need to appreciate supernatural horror.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Three basic types of horror films

There are three different types of horror, Supernatural, Scientific, Naturalistic.

Supernatural - The supernatural is what we most often think of as a true Horror movie this usually includes supernatural monsters such as vampires, werewolves, demons, ghosts and zombies. These are creatures of legend and come from thousands of years of human psychic response to the mysteries of the earth.

Scientific - The scientific horror film is where we find the mad scientist(s) creating or discovering something outside of nature; something that will be lost from human control and run riot before being overpowered (usually) by the army, and the world is restored to peace and harmony. The monsters featured in this type of film are often new creations, things we've never imagined or seen elsewhere.

Naturalstic - The naturalistic horror films feature monsters which our daily news is often reporting.The monster can also be an animal, such as a bear or a reptile (usually grown to above-average size), or even a group of beasts (ants, bees, spiders, dogs).

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Analysis of existing products

Saw 6 (VI)

I have looked at saw VI trailer to analys it so see how if we can use some of the same techniques as this trailer has.

Denotation - The meaning of the trailer is a sycopath playing games with people that have taking life for granted and he decides to change them using games, if they win the game they survive.

Connotation - The story behind the story is to not take life for granted otherwise you will pay the consiquence.

Narrative - On April 29, Lions Gate released a brief synopsis of the plot. Details revealed include confirming Agent Peter Strahm's death and Lieutenant Mark Hoffman continuing Jigsaw's work. The FBI is reportedly on Hoffman's trail. This forces him to set up another game. Jigsaw's overall scheme will also be finally understood. The last revealed trap, a "Steam Room," has yet to be expanded on by the producers, but it is said to be a multi-level trap. Recent screens also show Hoffman viewing Strahm's crushed corpse as well as setting up the "Rack" trap from Saw.

Starring - Jigsaw / John Kramer - Tobin Bell
Mark Hoffman - Costas Mandylor
Jill Tuck - Betsy Russell
Dan Erickson - Mark Rolston
William Easton - Peter Outerbridge
Amanda Young - Shawnee Smith
Pamela Jenkins - Samantha Lemole
Debbie - Caroline Cave
Harold - George Newbern
Dave - Darius McCrary
Tara -
Shauna Macdonald
Brent - Devon Bostick
Simone -
Tanedra Howard
Emily -
Larissa Gomes
Allen - Shawn Ahmed
Shelby - Karen Cliche
nurse - Elis Elle Downs
Aaron - James Gilbert
Jane - Jon Mack
Dr Heffner - James Van Patten
Gena - Melanie Scrofano

Musics/sounds - At the start there is a loud sound of a flickering light with a high violin note played then jigsaw starts speaking and then there is a ladie shouting to let her go. Jigsaw speaks throughout the trailer then a narratar starts speaking during the end. The high violin note plays when writing comes up. aat the end there is a fast beat while the shots change very quickly.