Thursday, 7 January 2010


Week 1 - The first week we was asked to choose what type of product we wanted to produce and we chose to do a film trailer as this would be fun acting the film trailer out and learning how to edit (cutting, sound, etc.). We chose to do a horror theme as this would be easier to act out and as Paranormal Activity had just came out at the time and gave us ideas.

Week 2 - The second week we researched other existing film trailers to get ideas from them, we researched 'Paranormal Activity' and 'Saw 6'.

Week 3 - On week 3 we planned what the trailer will be like: zombie, phycopath, experiment gone wrong, ghost, vampire, but we chose to do a demon, like paranormal activity.
We planned most of the details of the horror. We planned how we will record the trailer, hand held or tripod, we chose to use the hand held. Using it hand held would be much easier to film and menuver as you do not have to set up a tripod every scene. The bad thing about using a hand held camera is that the film would be shakey and not steady.

Week 4 - Week 4 and we started doing the storyboard to our film trailer. We also named what the film trailer will be called, we decided on 'Possessed', as in our film someone will be possessed into a demon.

Week 5 - We started to choose the dates and times for the filming of the film trailer and seein what props or clothing we would need for the date and also we had to book the camera.

Week 6 - On week 6 we started our filming after school, this took us a couple of days to do as one person from our group had to leave early on the date we chose.

Week 7 - Week 7 we started to edit the film by choosing the parts that we were going to use for the trailer. After choosing the parts of film we needed we then put them in order.

Week 8 - We then chose the music/sound we were to put into the film trailer and added it in the correct place. This took a long time as we had to experiment with diffrent sound.

Week 9 - This is the last week as all we needed to do was put in some narrator writing and change a few things to make it what it is now.

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